Key metrics to consider while analyzing impact of mid-year plan parameter changes?

  • Immersion & Situation Assessment: Understanding of existing plan structure and qualitative assessment of key stakeholders
  • Historical Performance Analysis: Quantitative analysis of performance data to better understand the effectiveness of current plans and performance patterns
  • Develop Incentive Plan Options: Identify key business objectives and design guiding principles driving various payment parameters such as caps, floors, qualifiers, frequency etc.
  • Qualitative Assessment of Plan Options: Assessment of plans in the light of guiding principles ensuring fairness and differentiation in payments based on different performance levels
  • Financial Modelling: Prediction of total compensation as well as impact on individual salesperson payment based on current performance in a new plan scenario
  • Final IC Plan Communication: Selection and communication of the incentive plan design using multiple channels
  • Performance metric change
  • Payout curve changes
  • Slope Change
  • Threshold change
  • Cap addition/deletion/update
  • Commission rate modelling
  • Updated sales/goals data due to alignment or market changes
  • Change in plan component weights
  • For the entire salesforce-geographical combination
  • For specific geographies
  • Addition of qualifiers
  • Performance multipliers
  • Change in rules for HR exceptions
  • Plan performance parameters
  • Total Payout
  • Min Payout
  • 10th Percentile
  • Median (100%)
  • Average (100%-105%)
  • 90th Percentile
  • Maximum Payout
  • no. of territories above cap limit
  • Engagement Rate (100%)
  • Meaningful Engagement Rate (70%-80%)
  • Payout scatter for territories across 2 models
  • Payout statistics and distribution
  • Top 5 performers in base vs. universe
  • Bottom 5 performers in base vs. universe
  • Top 5 payment increases
  • Top 5 payment decreases



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